The library

The school library has existed since 1983 as both a documentation centre and a library specialising in photography and contemporary art.
The library has a wealth of photography books and is a fundamental tool for teaching at ENSP. It is open to students, teachers, researchers and the public (by appointment) from Monday to Friday.

Consultations and loans

Loans are reserved for teachers and students of the school (loan agreement compulsory).

6 documents for 1 month across all areas of the library: course books, DVDs and periodicals

On-site consultation of printed matter and audiovisual documents for the general public.

The collection

Thanks to the founders of the ENSP and of the Rencontres d’Arles festival, who encouraged donations from its beginnings, the ENSP now offers a unique collection of photography publications. The generosity of photographers such as Ansel Adams and Martine Franck and the photography department of the Réattu Museum through Jean-Maurice Rouquette have all contributed to this wealth.

The collection is regularly enriched by donations from former students such as Aurélia Frey and more recently Philippe Bazin, private donations and donations from personalities linked to the school such as the family of Lucien Clergue, Alain Desvergnes and Bertrand Eveno.

Since 1971 the library has also been home to the Photo Book Award of the Rencontres d’Arles festival. All the submitted works are available for consultation on site.

The specialised library collection is made up of:
→ 25,000 free access print editions
→ 30 subscriptions to general, specialist and international journals
→ Subscriptions to general information daily newspapers
→ 700 audiovisual documents including a unique collection of lectures from ENSP speakers (consultation on site only) including Bernard Lamarche Vadel, Florence Chevallier, Gary Hill, Guillaume Le Gall, Guillaume Herbaut, Hans Peter-Feldman, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jean-Paul Curnier, John Berger, Lewis Baltz, Valérie Jouve
→ 1,025 photographer documents enriched in particular by those of the Carnavalet Museum, donated by Françoise Reynaud (curator in charge of photographic collections until 2017)
→ Student dissertations and works from 2012

The catalogue

The ENSP library catalogue, accessible here online