The Art & Image Research Centre (CRAI) was created in October 2015 in order to make public the research activities of the ENSP and to organise workspaces for the observation and critical analysis of contemporary images. It proposes lines of research defined by the artist-teacher-researchers.

Visibility of images 2016-2021

The Visibility of Images programme offers a perspective on image practices organised along three fundamental axes that determine the epistemological, theoretical and plastic issues of our research:
› image-text
› image-operation
› image-observatory

This research programme is supported by a call for research in Plastic Arts and Design projects by the French Ministry of Culture.

Based on a series of projects carried out by artist-teacher-researchers and associate researchers of the school, the programme takes place through two research laboratories:

A new laboratory, La Cellule (The Cell), was initiated in 2020, under the direction of Yannick Vernet to experiment with new types of relationships between images and the living in art.

A related scientific committee has the task of advising, accompanying and providing the main orientations of La Cellule in the implementation of its research programmes.